Bobby Kiran Photography



Bobby is an established wedding photographer with over seven years of experience in wedding photography. Without any prior formal training, Bobby rose to become one of Singapore’s most influential wedding photographers through pure passion, experimentation, and his ability to build chemistry with almost anybody.

Armed with a basic digital camera, a ton of imagination and lots of youth (he was 18 then), Bobby discovered his joy in abstract photography. Having found an avenue to unleash his unbounded creativity and imagination, photography soon became a hobby. A year later, he got his first DSLR as a present from his father.

Bobby’s passion is fueled by his desire to experience and capture the multitude of emotions that encompass human sentiment, allowing couples to relive the beauty of their wedding day in the years to come. His love for travelling the world and forming long-lasting friendships with the couples he meets is also an integral part of his immense dedication towards wedding photography.

If a day had more than twenty-four hours, Bobby would love to challenge himself and venture into other genres of photography, such as fashion photography. In his free time, Bobby enjoys sports such as frisbee, soccer and beach volleyball. Also, if you aren’t already familiar with his food preferences that are often shared extensively on his instagram, Bobby loves to eat Korean BBQ, spicy food and Japanese and Thai cuisine. Bobby also dislikes vegetables (unless they are spicy) and the smell of garbage. (…Bobby took a really long time to think of his “dislikes” so yeah, he’s a pretty happy person 🙂)

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“Only done with my engagement shoot but already majorly in love with Bobby’s works! Love the fact that he’s such an easy-going guy and really delivers what we wanted to capture for the shoot. Highly recommended!!!” — Jayne Tham, Social media influencer

“BOBBY IS A SUPERSTAR PHOTOGRAPHER. He is a perfectionist and puts his heart and soul into every shot he takes. He is constantly thinking of new ideas on the go and is extremely professional and helpful. My best buddy on the wedding day!” — Xinlei

“Couldn’t have chosen a better photographer to capture the best moments of my life. I’ve found a photographer in Bobby who I know I will go to for all my special occasions.” — Kelly Latimer, Singapore TV host

“Bobby is an incredible photographer with a keen eye for making everything and everyone he shoots look amazing. Through his lens, special moments are captured as he tells the love story of his couple. Most importantly, he is a wonderful person and knows how to make his clients comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone! :))” — Hazel