sakura city: Brad (ladyironchef) and Melody

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To view more pictures from ladyironchef’s pre-wedding photoshoot, head over here!

sakura cherry blossoms wedding photos

First off, our sincerest congratulations to Brad (aka ladyironchef) and Melody on tying the knot!

sakura cherry blossoms wedding photos

I had the honor of shooting Brad and Melody’s recent overseas pre-wedding shoot in Tokyo and I’m so excited to share the photos with all of you! If you are interested on receiving updates on Brad and Melody’s actual day festivities happening right now (literally), check out my instagram – will try to update when I can!

tokyo wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photos

Going to Tokyo was a dream come true for Brad and Melody as they are huge fans of Japan and had always wanted to capture their photos amidst sakura season. It was my first time shooting during sakura season and having the opportunity to be amidst such beautiful nature was truly a breathtaking experience! Besides Brad, Melody and I, Weixiang from linstudios (videographer) and Adeline (makeup artist) were also part of the crew.

tokyo wedding photostokyo wedding photos

The photoshoot was covered over two days and our first stop was Shibuya Crossing. Shibuya Crossing is an intersection located just in front of the Shibuya station, and also where Hachikō’s statue is located. To say that Shibuya Crossing is a busy and lively street is a complete understatement because at it’s peak, it’s an exuberant and crazy intersection where throngs and throngs of people are crossing the road at the same time and in all directions. There’s even a live feed of Shibuya Crossing on youtube!

shibuya crossing wedding photosShooting at Shibuya Crossing was not straightforward because so many variables were at play. The crowd is unpredictable and you never quite know how the eventual photo will turn out, and it’s pretty much trial and error till you get the ah-ha picture. Also, we had to constantly balance between having enough time between traffic lights to get a good long exposure shot and not being run over by fast moving cars 🙂

Brad and Melody ended up having to rush to the middle of the pedestrian crossing as soon as the traffic lights turned amber and cars had slowed down, do their pose which was already pre-determined, avoid getting distracted by stares and sniggering, hold their pose literally as still as a statue for 15 – 20 seconds, followed by running all the way back before getting run over. And all these while trying to keep warm! Of course, on hindsight, all that effort was definitely worth it.

shibuya crossing wedding photos

For those who are would like to capture a similar shot, here’s some advice:

  1. Use a tripod as it’s a long-shutter shot, in order to achieve the blurred effect of the crowd.
    If your shoot involves a traffic junction, have a ready plan on what the subject should do – there’s hardly enough time!
  2. The subjects need to be extremely still or they would blur out with the crowd
  3. Calibrate your shutter speed based on the speed people are walking at, i.e. slower shutter speed for a slower walking crowd and longer shutter speed for a faster walking crowd. I used F8; ISO400; 1/20

The pictures with the canoe was another feat and the biggest challenge was actually…rowing the boat, haha! The pictures make it look effortless but it certainly was not!

sakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photos

In order to avoid the crowd, we were up in the wee hours of the morning and were the first in line to rent the canoe. In some sense, our efforts were futile because by the time we got the hang of how to manoeuvre the boat, there were already lots of boats in the water. We rented two boats with Brad and Melody in one boat, and Weixiang and I in the other boat. Thankfully, Weixiang was pretty good at rowing so it was pretty smooth going for us 🙂

sakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photos

Midway, Weixiang had to jump over to Brad and Melody’s boat in order to capture close-ups and let’s just say…thank god nothing happened. Another lady and her dog was in another boat and at some point, half her body was in the water – we all felt so sorry for her because the water was so cold!

sakura cherry blossoms wedding photos

And for those wondering about how risky it is as the outfits could get dirty, the canoe was actually really clean and dry (Japanese standard of cleanliness, of course!) and the water was still so there weren’t too much concerns there.

sakura cherry blossoms wedding photos

During this sakura season, there were lots of horrific videos online of tourists frantically shaking the trees to create the “falling cherry blossom” effect and although we did achieve such an effect in the shot below, all we did was to wait for a strong gust of wind 🙂 hence, you can be rest assured that there was no shaking of trees involved!

sakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photossakura cherry blossoms wedding photos

We concluded the shoot with these alleyway and city shots that were located near the Airbnb we were staying in, with the main intention of wanting to capture Tokyo city life.

tokyo wedding photostokyo wedding photostokyo wedding photostokyo wedding photos

It was such an enjoyable photoshoot with great company and challenges! Do share with me what you think of the pictures by commenting on this post! 🙂

till next time!

photographer: Bobby Kiran Yeo
videographer: Weixiang from linstudios
hair and makeup: Adeline.L
gowns: La Belle Couture

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